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We try to be as transparent as possible and are always welcoming open discussion.

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Official PXCNet ARK server!

We have finally created an ARK Survival server! Details can be found at Sever password: proflore

Official PXCNet Discord Server

We have been testing and using Discord for a few months now and I believe its ready to be opened to everyone. This is the primary communication platform we are using now, we still host the Mumble and IRC servers and those wont be going away, but Discord is a lot more active than our […]

First official PXCNet contest!

We have been working on ways to keep everyone involved and interested in our services, and we came to the conclusion that contests are the way to go. We have a bunch of ideas and plans that we are working on and this is the first of many more of varying levels. This one is […]

PXCNet Survival Forge server launch!

Guess what? IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!! The modpack is complete, the server is up and running, all that is left is to get all you awesome people your well deserved fun. We selected a pretty awesome spawn area and built a small castle/fort. We do completely encourage building in spawn, we believe that doing so brings […]

Prof’s Hospital Visit

TL;DR: I went to the hospital for a lung infection, lasted a couple weeks, I’m home now. Sorry for not letting some of you know. Starting back on July 1st 2015, I was dealing with a nasty cough, sinus problems, and fevers. I started my usual regimen of vitamin C, Sudafed, Tylenol, Robitussin, chicken soup […]

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