Official PXCNet Discord Server

We have been testing and using Discord for a few months now and I believe its ready to be opened to everyone.

This is the primary communication platform we are using now, we still host the Mumble and IRC servers and those wont be going away, but Discord is a lot more active than our other services so far.

To join the Discord, please use this linkย and make sure you use your normal username and verify your account with your email.

Once you join you should do the following:

  • Read the #announcements channel for updated information on our activities
  • Read the #information channel for an overview of the Discord and Linux server
  • Request to be added to the members group in the #request channel
    (Membership will be granted as the requests come in and I have a moment to assign it)

Membership gets you the following:

  • Access toย the chat history of the channels
  • Access to members only channels and rooms
  • Ability to embed images and URLย previews
  • More in the future

This is entirely public, so feel free to share this with anyone!

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