PXCNet Survival Forge server launch!

Guess what? IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!

The modpack is complete, the server is up and running, all that is left is to get all you awesome people your well deserved fun.

We selected a pretty awesome spawn area and built a small castle/fort. We do completely encourage building in spawn, we believe that doing so brings everyone together and truly becomes a unique and interesting point of convergence for the server.

I would also like to thank @ToLOverlord59 for all the work he did making and testing this pack. Without him, this pack would not have been made.

The following information will assist you in joining our server:

  • Make sure you have the latest Technic launcher installed. Get it here
    • Note: The Technic launcher defaults to use 1 GB of ram, it is suggested to make this between 2 and 4 GB.
  • To download the pack, please read our Modpack Details page.
  • Finally go on over to our Server Details page for all the important server information.

Note: Terrain, town, and dungeon generation may cause lag and short lock ups. These will pass after some time, this is pretty normal for larger servers.

We will also be having a launch party of sorts in our mumble server:

  • Mumble IP: pxcnet.com
  • Mumble Port:Β 64738
  • Mumble Channel:Β PXCNet Survival Server Launch
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