Technic Page

Make sure you download the Technic launcher first!

Alternatively, you can also just search "PXC" in the Technic launcher and choose "PXCNet Survival"

Note: The Technic launcher defaults to use 1 GB of ram, it is suggested to make this between 2 and 4 GB.

Client and Server Mods

These are mods which are included in the client and the server

Applied Energistics 2  Official Site/Wiki
Ars Magica 2  Official Site/Wiki
Artifacts  Official Site/Wiki
Backpack  Official Site/Wiki
Baubles  Official Site/Wiki
Bibliocraft  Official Site/Wiki
BiblioWoods (Biomes O' Plenty)  Official Site/Wiki
BiblioWoods (Forestry)  Official Site/Wiki
Biomes O' Plenty  Official Site/Wiki
Botania  Official Site/Wiki
Carpenter's Blocks  Official Site/Wiki
Chicken Chunks  Official Site/Wiki
Chisel 2  Official Site/Wiki
Chocolate Quest  Official Site/Wiki
Computer Craft  Official Site/Wiki
Custom NPC's  Official Site/Wiki
Damage Indicators  Official Site/Wiki
Decocraft  Official Site/Wiki
Dense Ores  Official Site/Wiki
Dragon Mounts  Official Site/Wiki
Dynamic Lights  Official Site/Wiki
Ender IO  Official Site/Wiki
Ender Storage  Official Site/Wiki
Extra Utilities  Official Site/Wiki
Forestry  Official Site/Wiki
Fossil Archeology Revival  Official Site/Wiki
Galacticraft Planets  Official Site/Wiki
Hardcore Ender Expansion  Official Site/Wiki
Hats  Official Site/Wiki
Hat Stand  Official Site/Wiki
Headcrumbs (Celebrity Mobs)  Official Site/Wiki
Iguana Tinker Tweaks  Official Site/Wiki
Inventory Tweaks  Official Site/Wiki
Iron Chests  Official Site/Wiki
Journey Map  Official Site/Wiki
Malisis Doors  Official Site/Wiki
Mantle  Official Site/Wiki
Mekanism  Official Site/Wiki
Millenaire  Official Site/Wiki
MoarPeripherals  Official Site/Wiki
NEI  Official Site/Wiki
Nether Ores  Official Site/Wiki
Open Blocks  Official Site/Wiki
Open Peripherals  Official Site/Wiki
Pam's Desertcraft  Official Site/Wiki
Pam's Harvestcraft  Official Site/Wiki
Project Red  Official Site/Wiki
Railcraft  Official Site/Wiki
RF Tools  Official Site/Wiki
Secret Rooms  Official Site/Wiki
SGCraft  Official Site/Wiki
Thaumcraft  Official Site/Wiki
Thermal Dynamics  Official Site/Wiki
Thermal Expansion  Official Site/Wiki
Thermal Foundation  Official Site/Wiki
TiC Tooltips  Official Site/Wiki
Tinker's Construct  Official Site/Wiki
TMechworks  Official Site/Wiki
TreeCapitator  Official Site/Wiki
Twilight Forest  Official Site/Wiki
Waila  Official Site/Wiki
Waila Harvestability  Official Site/Wiki
Wireless Redstone  Official Site/Wiki
Witchery  Official Site/Wiki

Server Mods

These are mods which are only included in the server

MyTown2  Official Site/Wiki

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