General information

 Server Address:
 WorldBorder: 6000 blocks from spawn (X: 448, Z: 1777)
 Max Players: 65 (subject to change)
 Daily Reboot: There are two reboots which occur daily, 5 AM and 5 PM Central
 Resource Pack: Thanks to GamerBolts, we have a custom Sphax resource pack.
Download: x32 | x64


1)  Respect everyone, this means other players and staff.
2)  No griefing, xraying, hacking, spamming, advertising, or harassment.
3)  Do not abuse glitches, if you find a glitch, please report it.
4)  Requests for items, blocks, ranks, or command actions will be denied. Just dont ask.
5)  PvP is enabled and is considered opt-in, meaning you must have the consent of all players involved.
6)  Admin and Moderator word is final. If we ask you to stop, this is your cue to stop.
7)  We are all here to have fun and be friendly!


1)  First offence will result in a warning
2)  Second offence will result in a 2 day temp ban
3)  Third offence will result in a ban which can be appealed (currently contact Prof on Twitter)
4)  If you are awarded an appeal and have a fourth offense, you will be permanently banned with out the ability of appeal

Known Issues

 Computercraft Using a Pocket Computer (Advanced, Normal, and Wireless versions) will disconnect you from the server. Currently there is no fix for this.
 Moarperipherals Keyboards do not work in SMP. Currently there is no fix for this.

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